UX Research


Companies need products that people desire, that provide meaning, that satisfy their needs, and that they can actually use. Great ideas and products can quickly become duds if they are disconnected from the user experience. That's where UX Research comes in handy.

As a UX Researcher, my approach comes from a mixed-methods, pragmatic background, which means that goals and research questions drive the methods I use. I have extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods. 

I bring with me over 6 years of research experience in designing studies, sampling and recruiting participants, and making sure that study results are valid and useful. I can easily shift between large, holistic studies that identify important innovative features and products for the future, as well as more nuanced, specific studies that identify usability issues on a web page that result in abandonment. 

Methods i use


I'm still actively updating this section; gonna break down all the methods I have used, why and how I use them, how they can help product design by making sure things work the way users and designers expect, etc. Check back soon!